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Insure First Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency located in Draper, Utah. This insurance agency has a long track record and continues to set goals and surpass them in growth. Each year Insure First has exploded in growth becoming one of the fastest growing independent insurance agencies in Utah, as well as across the nation.

Since Insure First started expanding nationally within the last few years they are now becoming a house hold name brand in the insurance arena. Now that Insure First is expanding, you can see below in the map which states that they are now doing business in for the convenience of their customers.

As you will see in the states that are highlighted in green, these are the states that Insure First has expanded into. The main reason for the expansion is because there is such a high demand for a reputable insurance agency that individuals can trust. This gives clients the leeway of an independent insurance company which keeps their options open while retaining the same agent where ever they move.

Insure First Territory


Insure First VS the Competition

What is the difference between Insure First and other insurance agencies? Let’s start by explaining what is meant by an Independent agent VS. the Captive Agent. These are the two different types of agents that individuals will acquire insurance through. A Captive Agent is an agent who only represents one company, which limits a customer to that company. The common issue a customer will run into is that if this Captive agent and their company, which they represent, insurance rates increase then you have no other choice but to pay more for insurance or look through other agents to see what they have to offer. Working with a captive agent can be one big headache in its self. The other choice you have is working with an Independent insurance agent.

Independent insurance agents or agencies are companies like Insure First. When you work with an independent insurance company you not only keep your options open but you are also securing your agent and avoiding the grief that you might go through if you move out of the state you live in. Many captive agents do not work out of the state you are in so you would then have to find a new agent. When you have a company as big as Insure First, expanding across almost half of the U.S. and growing, you won’t have to transfer agents.

Along with the size of the company, Independent insurance agencies do keep your best interest in mind and your options open. Independent insurance companies are companies designed to work for the client and not the company. Independent insurance companies represent over twenty insurance companies to tailor to your needs. For example say that your insurance company for one reason or another increases your premium. An Independent agent has all of your information already, no need to change agents; they then re-evaluate your insurance.

All you had to do is send an email or call. You don’t do much else and you then have a lower rate. How simple is that?  An Independent agent is what you want to get to make the process as simple as it gets when shopping for insurance. Insure First makes sure you get, and keep the lowest rate out there. Retain the great coverage with the lowest rates.

Insure First is becoming that brand name that everyone is hearing of and has amazing selling points that you should consider every company should have when doing business. A few consist of:

  • Great Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Insure First does not represent any company with less than a financial rating of an “A” rated by A.M. Best insurance financial rating institution
  • Each company Insure First represents has awards that are very prestigious and rank highly in customer satisfaction. Such as J.D Power and associates awards for best in customer satisfaction

For more information about Insure First and our insurance agency please contact us or feel free to complete our simple and instant insurance quote process online.

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